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⭐️ 12 hours Online Training Masterclasses

Enjoy 7 masterclasses and 2 keynotes. Get practical tips from the world's experts on Product Development, and network with your peers and trainers. Be prepared to get inspired and learn about Enterprise Product, and Consumer Product.

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We bring you a 90min Masterclass, in an easy, dynamic format with the Trainer. Rewatch the Masterclasses any time!

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We've gathered the pros to bring you 7 masterclasses + 2 inspiring keynotes, specialized in two tracks: Enterprise & Consumer Product.

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Productized has organized events focused on Product Management & Development for more than 5 years.

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What attendees are saying

Ricardo Grilo

Ricardo Grilo

Lead Product Manager at FARFETCH

‘’The different way of thinking and at the same time so simple. immediately made me think in a way to start implementing some of the ideas at my current work, and shared it with my team. (about Radhika Dutt)"

Hugo Monteiro

Hugo Monteiro

Senior Product Manager at Fuze

‘’The framework is incredibly actionable and we're able to testing it right away. A must attend! (about Radhika Dutt)"

Cátia Sayal

Cátia Sayal

Digital Product Manager at Cofidis Portugal

‘’Teresa Torres is an excellent communicator and the way she presented the session was very good. "

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