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User Stories And Experience Mapping For Agile

A talk by Stefan Haas and Catherine Louis
#Podojo and #Podojo

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1. Tips and tricks to remove your own bias from your map Experiences are holistic, personal, and situational, and while you choose a point of view, as a mapmaker it’s up to you to decide which aspects to include and which to leave out.

2. Taking the risk Testing your map, assume it’s wrong, but don’t get stuck in planning.

3. Business Model and Strategic POVs are needed Realize the experts involved in creating the product will probably not be the best experts you will need to deliver the product to the users.

4. Tools to help you Understand common gotchas, and what to avoid.

5. And many more strategies Gain an outside-in view of the individuals' experience with the service.


This Masterclass is designed for product managers, product owners and designers that want to maximize their agile development project.


Stefan Haas is co-founder and CEO of #PoDojo where we help people create sustainable products customers love. Stefan is passionate about teaching and coaching product people in lean and agile methods to solve real problems of customers. As CEO of the growing network of partners his main objective is to transform the company into a sustainable business. As coach he helps his clients to tackle complex product strategy questions, design an agile organisation, nurture an innovation culture, and establish an entrepreneurial leadership style that enables independent autonomous product and innovation teams to strive.

Catherine Louis is a Certified Scrum TrainerTM, independent Agile coach, and co-founder of the #PoDojo, who lives in North Carolina. With over 20 years of experience in complex product development in both software & hardware, Catherine has previously led Agile transition efforts in top telecommunications firms and worked with North Carolina State University to conduct research on Agile Test-Driven development. She has conducted years of research and training on “building security” into your product, verifying that security protection mechanisms are in place and working before it’s too late. Catherine regularly speaks at Agile20XX conferences, is a lead for the “Working With Customers” track, and runs the AgileRTP meetup group, one of the largest Agile meetup groups in the US.

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